How to install my Sitinpool ?


Forget fragile and bulky inflatable ! No tools or accessories, simply open the box, insert the patented cushion in its coloured outer cover and open the valve : your Sitinpool sets up alone ! 

What are the advantages of SITINPOOL compactable (EZCOMPACK SYSTEM)?

The Sitinpool compactable features the patented SYSTEM EZCOMPACK system that allows you to compact your Sitinpool with a simple vacuum cleaner, so you have more storage problem for the winter.

Trim polyester fiber and memory foam guarantees a comfort much mellower.


 How to clean stains on my SITINPOOL?

If your Sitinpool has been stored too long in a damp environment or, for example, remained too long in one place on the beach of your pool, tasks may appear on the outer cover color.

Just simply to remove the impurities that are housed in the fabric, clean the cover of your SITINPOOL with a cleaner bathroom joint.

There are 10 colors covers for Sitinpool. You can change the cover to suit youdesires.