How to inflate my Nomad Lounge ?


1 / Open the coffee table and exit at all components of your set.

2 / Back armchairs, open the Velcro to access the inflation valves.

3 / Use the blower supplied, position the nozzle "inflate" on the entrance of the valve portion of your sofa to swell.

CAUTION few minutes are sufficient, it is LOW PRESSURE cushions. Too much inflation makes your seat uncomfortable.

4 / Inflate low pressure all parties of armchairs and sofa, and then return the seats to position cushions (back and seat).

5 / For the coffee table: reseal the large sealed bag in order to inflate also by its valve. Once inflated, you can choose to put it on the flexible side or the tray side.

6 / To store equipment, just open the valves and in few seconds chairs deflate. To go faster, a small color tab on the internal base of the valve will block the valve open to let air faster out. Although reposition the cushions and sofas in the large deflated properly sealed bag of the coffee table. Close hermetically sealed the bag and vacuum (vacuum cleaner) so repack your set.


Be careful to put the valve airbags to the correct position after a 1st deflating or you cannot easily inflate the next time.

The longevity of your product is up to you: avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and the moon, use protective spray recommended by your manufacturer (Sunprotector).

Batteries not included inflator. Tip: take rechargeable batteries.

Clean your Nomad Lounge with a sponge and soapy water. Avoid aggressive product. Prolonged exposure causes a natural and irreversible discoloration of the product..