How to inflate my AirThrone ?

Phone cable connection

Connect the 3-tips cable to your phone for a few moments to activate the internal flash battery.

Be careful, remember to remove the standby mode of your phone to have an effective charge.

Once charged (fifteen minutes minimum), the 3-tips cable can be connected to the black cable and the black cable connected to the pump to inflate the product.

Depending of the operating system used by your smartphones, the communication with the white cable can not always be possible.

If the air escapes during the first use

DO NOT OPEN the closed and rolled part of your product to inflate it (risk of air leakage)

But if you noticed that the air flows out of the product, make sure that the small pocket located under the product is closed properly (rolled it 6 times), and knot together the end of the black cord so that it can be totally airtight.