Acrylate glasses

Acrylate glasses

Products sizes

Water: Ø 8,8 x H 11,8 cm

Wine: Ø 8,8 x H 18 cm

Champagne: Ø 6,4 x H 21,2 cm

"Impérial" Collection: water : Ø 9,5 x H 9,5 cm

"Impérial" Collection: wine : Ø 9,5 x H 20,5 cm

"Impérial" Collection: carafe : Ø 14 x H 25 cm


Acrylate 120g

Packaging sizes

Water: L 27 x l 18 x H 12 cm

Wine: L 27 x l 18 x H 19 cm

Champagne: L 23 x l 16 x H 22 cm

"Impérial" Collection: water : L 30,8 x l 20,5 x H 10,5 cm

"Impérial" Collection: wine : L 29,7 x l 19,1 x H 21,2 cm

"Impérial" Collection: carafe : L 17,8 x l 17,2 x H 25,5 cm


Sold per 6 per model per size

Drink with Panache !

Acrylate glasses

Quality, design and originality create a fancy table decoration with our acrylate glasses. Essential for your picnic, on boat, doing camping or even at the swimming pool.

Forget plastic cups...

Product benefits: 

~ Very resistant

~ Lightweight

~ Elegant

Melamine plates

Melamine plates

Products sizes

Large: Ø 25 x H 1,5 cm

Small: Ø 20 x H 1,6 cm

Packaging sizes

Large: L 27 x l 27 x H 7 cm

Small: L 22 x l 22 x H 7 cm


Melamine 300g


Sold per 6 per model per size

Exclusive design

Melamine Plates

You will not be able to do without this superb range of melamine plates. You can carry them at any occasion, you will benefit from a trendy and unbreakable service.

All our products are exclusively developed by our design team.

Products benefits: 

~ Very resistant

~ Light

~ Easy to carry

BBQ Sunvibes

Nomadic BBQ

Product size

Large : L 59 x l 38 x H 11 cm

Small : L 39 x l 28 x H 10 cm

Packaging dimensions

Large : L 59,5 x l 40 x H 11 cm

Small : L 44,5 x l 30 x H 11 cm


Stainless steel


Complies with the 1860-1+ A1 standards

Easy to clean, chrome grill plate

BBQ Sunvibes

With its suitcase shape and its light weight, you can organiza BBQ parties everywhere. Easy to setup, in a flash, put the charcoal in and it's ready to be used.   

On the beach, on the boat, or for a picnic, don't hesitate to take your BBQ with you.

Product Benefits : 

~ Very light

~ Easy to carry 

~ Cold walled

Soundvibes 35 Light

Outdoor Bluetooth Light Speaker - Soundvibes 35 Light

Product size

L 19 x l 19 x H 17 cm

Life time

Acoustic time:  ≅ 6 hours

Lighting time: ≅ 5 hours

Audio & lighting time: ≅ 3 hours

Audio output

35 W

LED lamp power: 5 W/500 lm


Change the color of the light LED with the telecontroller

Easy to carry

Outdoor Bluetooth Light Speaker

The outdoor Bluetooth Light Speaker Soundvibes 35 Light have an excellent sound, total harmonic distortion, clarity and fidelity sound. Wherever life takes you, experience your music with powerful stereo and punchy bass. 

Soundvibes 35 Light is an outdoor Bluetooth design speaker

Lounger Wave

Lounger Wave

Product size

L 185 x l 80 x H 60 cm

Packaging dimensions

L 37 x l 37 x H 10,5 cm


Outcover: 600D polyester

Inflatable inner bag: 0,27 mm vinyl


Complies with NF 15649-1 standards and followings

Removable, washable and UV resistant

Lounger Wave

A lounger which will not just stay on the terrace: let's throw it into the pool! Easy to use with its inflatable interior, its solidity is guaranteed by its 600D cover. 

The best value and a large range of colors!

Product benefits: 

Pool and terrace use

Easy to setup

Easy to store



1 cup holder pocket

1 magazine pocket

2 handles

Sitinpool : the only sofa that follows you on water !

Sitinpool, a revolution for your pool !

Product size

L 120 x l 100 x H 60 cm


Patented product and complies with NF 15649-1 standards and followings.


Out cover in 420D polyester and inner bag in memory foam.


Removable, washable and UV resistant

Unique in the world

Incredibly stable and unsinkable


Discover the new only sofa that follows you on water, 2017 version : the Self Inflate ! 

Forget fragile and bulky inflatable ! No tools or accessories, simply open the box, insert the patented cushion in its coloured outer cover and open the valve : your Sitinpool sets up alone ! Sit down and enjoy ! In few minutes, your Sitinpool is ready.

You can relax on your pool thanks to your Sitinpool. 

Incredibly stable on water, enjoy your time, siesta or reading ? Comfort and softness are assured by its filling. Light and mobile, Sitinpool is indispensable for your pool or terrasse !

Outdoor Book Light

The book light for your outdoor dinners !

Product size

L 21,5 x l 16,5 x H 2,5 cm


Page: Tyvek paper (environmental and waterproof)

Cover : Wood


Life time: 6-8 hours

3.7v 1700 mAh polymer lithium-ion

Color light

White 6000k

Warm white 3000k

Changing mode 3000k

Color light : White 6000k / Warm white 3000k / Changing mode 3000k

Book Light

Brighten your spaces in a creative and original way with this book light. In book or lamp form, choose how it will decorate your room.

The book fits to all your needs thanks to its 3 luminous intensities : white light, warm white or changing mode. The book light has a magnetic handle provided to hang it on your umbrella or on a tree.

Speaker Soundvibes 100

Outdoor Bluetooth speaker - Soundvibes 100

Product size

L 14,3 x l 14,3 x H 60,2 cm


Output power: 100 W

Bluetooth distance: 10 m

Life time

6- 8 hours


Voltage : 7,4 V

Distortion : ≤ 0,5 %

3D sound effect

Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

The outdoor Bluetooth speaker Soundvibes 100 have an excellent sound, total harmonic distorsion, clarity and fidelity sound. Wherever life takes you, experience your music with powerful stereo and punchy bass.

Soundvibes 100 is outdoor Bluetooth speaker design and equipped with latest updated features which support stereo effect. This matches the current updated mobile devices which supports A2DP system. 

Aux mode allows you play music via audio cable with your other devices that do not have a Bluetooth functions such as MP3, notebook etc. 

Earbuds Bluetooth

Earbuds Bluetooth Soundvibes

Operating distance

15 m


2,4 GHz

Charging time

1 hour

Life time

5 hours

Silicone earbuds guarantee a comfortable and secure placement even during long uses.

Earbuds Bluetooth

Soundvibes wireless earbuds Bluetooth offer incredible quality sound for listening to music or making calls. At home, doing sports or outdoor activities, they follow you everywhere! 

These earbuds have an internal rechargeable battery. The battery must be fully charged prior to use. Your earbuds cannot be used while charging. 

This earbuds can set up connection with two Bluetooth devices at the same time, and one of the connections is for hands-free profile (hfp).

Nomad Lounge Sofa

Nomad Lounge, the first really nomadic sofa !

Products sizes

2 armchairs : L 80 x l 80 x H 60 cm

1 two seats sofa : L 155 x l 80 x H 60 cm

1 coffee table : L 60 x l 60 x H 40 cm (where you store the all armchairs and 8 cushions)

8 cushions

1 pump (batteries not provided)


Back cushions : polyester fiber

Seat cushions : memory foam, inflatable parts and outdoor polyester


Removable, washable and UV resistant

Space saving for transport and storage

Easy to set up and store

Nomad Lounge

This nomadic sofa is a new outdoor experience. So comfy and so easy to store for the winter. 

Open, inflate, few minutes to set up and you are ready to have drink in the yard ! Ideal also to go camping, fishing, partying, campers or small spaces...

The set is composed of 2 armchairs, 1 two seats sofa, 1 coffee table with the cushions and 1 pump. The batteries is not provided.